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What To Do When Feeling Over the Edge

What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed and stuck at the same time?

The other morning, I noticed that I was feeling in overwhelm. Trying to understand what to do first with all the things on my plate, instead, I had a part that just froze.

Should I tackle my garden, listen to recordings that I had on my plate from two courses I'm engaged in, write a post on my Facebook, meditate? Just frozen!

I was "over the edge".

So I know when I'm over the edge that I need to take a step back.

What would that be?

My mind wouldn't allow me to meditate. I can't just wish relaxation when I'm blended with a frozen part that is, for the moment, in the driver's seat. I stopped and went to my Center. What can I do to un-blend from this powerless feeling?

I remembered that when I paint, I feel so calm. So even though it was my "work" time, I painted and listened to a mindless story on Audible. Within about 20 minutes, my frozen part relaxed and I could start to listen to a recording I was putting off. Ahhhh!

Instead of moving into beating myself up for not "doing enough", taking a step back was what I needed to do.

So grateful for this wonderful journey!

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