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Small Group Coaching

                 Weekly coaching sessions via Zoom.

Why small group coaching?

Here is where we get to consistently practice noticing, resonance and support.
We know that in order to grow we have to peel back what’s underneath and has held us back in the past.

When we can relax and watch others coached, we get to realize many things: we are not alone, we can see other issues that might play into our own struggles AND we can work toward healing through resonance and common experience in a trusted environment.

What's inside the program?

We will initially meet 1:1 to review your individual situation, current challenges and availability.  “What are you noticing”?
From there we will coordinate weekly meetings with others, sharing what’s been coming up for you this week--struggles, wins, insights--with coaching feedback.  
You're not alone. You will learn from others and receive regular coaching that benefits each of you. These gatherings are transformational. You will see the changes, feel the love and support, allow yourself to look at the hard stuff and HEAL.
It takes time, dedication, and support.
It can be done.
We are seeing it every day.

Currently I hold a maximum of 6 people in a group


"Patricia is a gem. I'd recommend her work to anyone. She has a direct forward-moving energy that can really assist someone in having significant breakthroughs. She has assisted me during some really important junctures on my journey. She has my highest recommendation!"

Everett Considine
internal family systems practitioner, meditation teacher, workshop leader
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