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If you seek a coach whose insights are spot-on, who communicates directly yet gently, and who fosters breakthroughs leading to genuine transformation,
Patricia O'Connor is the ideal life coach for you.

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Hi, I'm Patricia. I'm a certified life coach specializing in EMPOWERMENT COACHING, overcoming food and eating issues.

I also specialize in:

  • intuitive insights

  • connecting to authentic self

My professional journey began as a financial planner, where I observed that many of my clients faced psychological challenges related to money. A life-changing course at the Omega Institute in the early 1990s inspired me to integrate coaching techniques into my practice, helping clients overcome their financial obstacles. Motivated by this experience, I obtained a Life Coach certification in 2004 and began teaching the Empowerment strategies, which encompasses various facets of life, such as emotions, relationships, money, body, work, and spirituality.


As a coach, I am dedicated to embodying the principles I teach. My personal struggle with food and weight exemplified this commitment. By applying the same strategies I share with my clients, I successfully released and maintained a 60-pound weight loss over the past nine years. This journey has enriched my coaching practice, allowing me to work with clients one-on-one and in small groups.


Witnessing the remarkable growth of my clients as they learn to trust their inner wisdom and connect with their authentic selves has been incredibly rewarding. I encourage them to perceive their current challenges as sacred opportunities for personal growth, ultimately guiding them to uncover their unique contributions to the world.

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